Ben Westhoff


First review of Fentanyl, Inc.

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The first Fentanyl, Inc. review has arrived, from Kirkus. It’s a starred review (!) and you can read the whole thing here. If this entices you, the book is now available on Amazon at a heavy discount.

“Compelling…Fascinating… [Westhoff] seamlessly blends past and present in his profiles of Belgian chemist Paul Janssen, who was responsible for fentanyl's initial development in 1959; police officers; politicians; LSD drug kingpins, and St. Louis street dealers. . . . Drawing material from official reports, drug databases, scores of interviews, and years of personal research, Westhoff presents an unflinching, illuminating portrait of a festering crisis involving a drug industry that thrives as effectively as it kills. Highly sobering, exemplary reportage delivered through richly detailed scenarios and diversified perspectives.”